[April 2016: Looking for the catalog of 2016 Fall FIGs? The final details of all 60 FIGs are getting checked and confirmed, and will be launched in an all-new web site in the second half of April.]

Welcome to First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)!

A FIG is a learning community that complements the classroom experience. Being in a FIG allows new freshmen to meet other students who have similar interests. Working and studying together allows students in a FIG to share ideas, discover new insights, and develop lasting friendships. Looking back on their FIGs experiences, many seniors have commented on how their FIGs experiences helped them make the transition from high school classroom to university lecture hall. As one graduating senior said, "I think my FIG helped me to transition easily into college, which took some of the stress away from the first semester."

FIGs students also get to connect with faculty in a small seminar environment. FIGs faculty are engaging and enthusiastic about their research and scholarly work. They are also passionate about teaching first-year students and helping them transition to UW-Madison.

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